Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Arrogance is correct

In these days I saw one typical character.. she told me directly these words like "I know i am arrogant.. I want to be an arrogant girl.. because i want to be in the highest position in the society.. all the people in the society in the higher positions are arrogant" and she me two examples also.. "indira gandhi is arrogant and Ishwarya rai is arrogant.." what do you feel people...????? Is it correct.. ?? Here I am not degrading her or I am not commenting her .. I just want to know ur opinions also..


  1. They might be "arrogant" but they never showed their arrogance. Indira Gandhi: The great leader of the time, who has a good commitment and confidence. Aishwarya Rai: Former Miss World and a great bollywood/hollywood actress. One should be humble,inteligent,sweet,with enough of self confidence and ofcourse beauty (:D) but not arrogance to become a Miss World.

    Google for "define: arrogant" // lol :P

    Who wants to work with/for an arrogant guy. If nobodyz with him, how come he/she will become great. I do agree that there are a few, but... blah blah blah. Feel like writing a thesis on this issue :P

  2. Indira Gandi ki Arrogance ane kante Atma Stairyam ani cheppachu ee renditiki chinna paridi vuntundi adi eduti vyakti alochana samrdyam meeda adarapadi vuntundi ela danni ardam chesukuntado

  3. THanx chaithu and Kamala for ur responses..

    U really did a thesis on this chaithu.. yea no one likes to wrk with arrogant people but still sm people like to show their arrogance on the lower people(means the people who r wrking in lower positions than dem)..

    Yea Kamala we have to understand d small difference between d two..